Nilkamal Floor Guard – Ultimate floor surface protection

Nilkamar floor protection guard

Nilkamal floor guard is a unique floor protection product, which promises endless choices for building and construction, all it needs is smart thinking. Its revolutionary range of unique honeycomb structured boards changed the way floor protection is offered. You can buy the world-class product at Bothra Sales Corporation sole distributor for Coastal Andhra. Nilkamal floor guard is a multipurpose material engineered to be fabricated into a wide range of solutions from thin and flexible to tough and rigid. The floor guard sheets and rolls with a fortified honeycomb core are a revolutionary technology backed by European patented co-extrusion technology, aimed to replace the less efficient contemporary materials for complete floor protection. The airlock technology creates a cushioning effect to ensure protection with a unique circular honeycomb structured core.

Key Benefits of Nilkamal Floor Guard

Nilkamal floor protection guard
Nilkamal Floor Protection Guard | Bothra Sales
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reusable multiple times
  • Easy to apply – No special labor required
  • High impact resistance
  • Keeps workspace clean and tidy
  • Time and cost-saving
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Nilkamal Floor Guard is a tough lightweight
  • Anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment
  • Hassle-free
  • Does not absorbs paint, grease, and cleaning agents
  • Flexible – can be cut to fit in any space and works well and reusable
  • Flexible yet tough
  • Environment friendly
  • Inert – No effect of chemicals

The big market Bothra Sales Corporation with a wide range of floor guard product supply builds up in 200 km around Visakhapatnam is equal to the name that Nilkamal Floor Guard is a big name that gives high strength. The panels are tough, durable and yet light weight can fit seamlessly across various industries. Nilkamal Floor Guard brings a series of floor protection boards that safeguard your expensive floorings from falling debris during material movement like Italian marble, marbonite, tiles and granites from scratches, spillage and falling materials during construction. Nilkamal Floor Guard is an economical floor protection solution quick in application.


  • Lay Nilkamal Floor GUARD on the floor
  • Measure and cut to the size required
  • Apply tape to seal joints and the site is ready to use
  • The floor remains clean and tidy without any scratches

Nilkamal Floor Guard guarantees high protection and performance

The new generation Nilkamal Floor Guard protection guarantees high performance with ultimate assurance, which is an excellent cushioned floor protection. Thousands of cells in the foam helps to resist all types of pressure that act as a good absorbent material. Nilkamal Floor Guard offers the best in world-class material offering quality material to customers in the modern market of building and construction. The quick delivery of products and affordable price range by Bothra Sales Corporation is another big asset that brings back the customer for further business.


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Nilkamal Floor Guard – Ultimate floor surface protection

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