What is Bubble Guard and How is it Beneficial?

Benefits of nilkamar bubble guard

From luxurious Italian marble, carbonite to delicate tiles and granites, there is a variety of bubble guards available that can shield your costly flooring. A floor guard is a cost-effective and simple floor security solution.

The scientifically designed honeycomb system provides a comfortable air cushioning that guarantees that your floor gets covered from falling debris or scratching during material motions. Air-lock construction makes it robust and reliable a variety of times.

Types of Bubble Guard

Bubble Guard is available in the following types:

Bubble Guard Sheet

Nilkamal bubble guard sheet contains three layers of virgin polypropylene sheets with clear layers on each side as well as a middle base layer of thermoformed bubbles/cones. These bubbles/cones are welded together with an advanced technique to create a solid, durable and composite structure that delivers superior mechanical strength/features for the bubble guard sheets.

Bubble Floor Guard

No one can match Nilkamal whenever it comes to the floor guard. That’s why we always collaborate with the famous Nilkamal bubble guard. This Nilkamal floor guard presents to you a set of floor safety boards that shield your floor from spillage, collapse, and scratches.  This tile protector not only protects the floor with dropping materials during the building but even it protects during the restoration of the roof. Floor guard is a simple and cost-effective floor security solution.

PP Bubble Guard Board

This latest, honeycomb framework panel is incredibly rigid and surprisingly lightweight. The three-layer polypropylene composite consists of a thermoform core with three different diameters: D4, D8, D12 and two smooth and flexible skins in a licensed manufacturing procedure. The effect is superior compression and impact power, perfect for any product or application where high pressure and low weight are necessary.

An additional method allows the PP bubble guard to be folded fully flat on the score lines, without any recollection at all. It may be ultrasonic welded, heat welded, fused, die-cut, slit, marked, written on, etc. It is suitable for challenging applications where extra weight is present and can get used in the production of pallet sleeves, totes, and boxes of any size.

Benefits of Bubble Guard

  • Incredibly lightweight versus foam board/wood.
  • Flawless and a flat surface on each side.
  • Available in a range of enticing colors, providing a high aesthetic appeal.
  • Outstanding printability and laminating.
  • High and consistent area of interaction offered by bubbles/cone framework.
  • High compression capacity.
  • Usable for several transits or storage for longer periods to preserve commodities.
  • superior impact absorbing and cushioning due to bubbles.
  • An outstanding replacement for fluted boards, foam boards, wood, steel, particle boards, etc. 
  • impenetrable to moisture and water, so no degradation in the quality and function of the substance.
  • No unique technique/gear/tool needed for conversion.
  • Solid and robust, providing high strength: weight ratio.
  • Recyclable (being thermoplastic) for other applications or recycled without significant deterioration.
  • Good demand for resale.


It is now clear that Bubble Guard is the perfect choice when it comes to the protection of floors. So, if you are hunting for a reliable Nilkamal bubble guard dealer, then feel free to get in touch with Bothra Sales Corporation.

What is Bubble Guard and How is it Beneficial?

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