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Agricultural Pipes always have to resist rigorous on-site conditions. So, they always have to be stronger and should have Zero leakage qualities. To resist with rigorous on-site conditions, we only sell the best agricultural pipes from trusted brands. Our agricultural pipes, suction hoses are most suited for suction and delivery of liquids or gases in varied applications with the biggest strength against rubber.

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PVC Flexible Garden Pipes

Suction Pipes


LD Krishi Pipes -- Black


LD Krishi Pipes -- White


Realon Suction Pipes

Best Agricultural Products Supplier in Visakhapatnam

The success of the whole agricultural supply chain relies on the fact that your product supplier is a professional company that is up-to-date on the newest industry practices. The commercial quality criteria for top quality agricultural products used on farms must also be known to a competent provider. From raw materials procurement through final distribution, we are the best store in Visakhapatnam. At Bothra Sales Corporation, we keep an eye on product and information flows across all supply chain member businesses.

The founders of Bothra Sales Corporation have a long history in agriculture. We bring together the best of the agricultural and IT worlds. We aim to make the items accessible rapidly and affordably to customers. Because of their high resistance to rubber, our agricultural pipes and suction hoses are excellent choices when it comes to suction and pumping liquids or gases.

Agricultural Products
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Why Choose Bothra Sales Corporation for your Garden Hose Pipe?

Consumer behaviour can be influenced by agricultural providers who are well-informed about their customers' needs. In order to fulfil customer demand, we direct and influence processes and generate solid supply chains. Agricultural goods can move smoothly through the supply chain if they are partnered with a dependable agricultural provider like us. At Bothra Sales Corporation, we guarantee the necessary agrochemicals and veterinary supplies are supplied to the agricultural and animal health-producing industries. Additionally, we help farmers by providing storage infrastructure and other services. For the best agricultural products, it's important to source from a trusted agricultural products provider like us with the necessary local knowledge.

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