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Nilkamal Floor Guard

When it comes to floor guard nobody can beat Nilkamal. That's the reason why we often partner with popular Nilkamal BubbleGuard. This Nilkamal Floor Guard brings to you a series of floor protection boards that safeguard your flooring from spillage, falling, and scratches as well.

These floor guards help your floor from falling materials during construction or even renovation of your ceiling. Nilkamal Floor Guard is a quick and economical floor protection solution.

This floor guard is scientifically engineered with honeycomb structure. That's why it creates a soft air cushioning that ensures your floor is protected from scratches during material movement. The new airlock technology also makes it durable and reusable.

Nilkamal Bubble Guard - The Complete Floor Protection

To protect your floors and surfaces from unintended damages, you need temporary floor protection. So, you have to use Nilkamal Bubble Guard to ensure your floor and surface are safe.

Nilkamal Bubble Guard helps you protect your valuable surfaces from all types of damages without slowing down construction work. Usually, with all dangers that can threaten your floors and exterior during construction work such as Dirt, Dust, Heavy Traffic, Liquids, and other minor accidents. You have to be prepared with a perfect solution.

So, at Bothra Sales Corporation, we often offer Nilkamal Bubble Guard for temporary floor protection for all kinds of surfaces such as marble floors, tiles, vinyl, and more.

Bothra Sales Corporation is the prime distributor and official Nilkamal Bubble Guard dealer in Vizag, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Anakapalle, Kakinada. At bothra sales, we can help you save time, money, and headaches by providing Nilkamal Bubble Guard products for the best prices to protect your floors and other surfaces.

Visit our Bothra Sales Corporation or contact us anytime to buy Nilkamal Bubble Guard, Bubble Guard sheets, Floor Guards, and other Floor Protection products.

Nilkamal Bubble Guard Sheet

Nilkamal Floor Guard Distributor in Visakhapatnam

At Bothra Sales Corporation, we provide a variety of floor guards from Nilkamal to preserve your costly floorings like Italian marble, marbonite tiles or granite during building and renovations. Our PVC floor guard in Visakhapatnam is an easy-to-install, low-cost floor protection system.

As the materials travel over the floor, the honeycomb structure provides a soft air cushion to protect your floor from falling debris or scratches. Because of the airlock technology, it is long-lasting and reusable.

Advantages of Floor Guards

You may preserve your expensive floor tiles, marble, granite and hardwood floors while interior work such as civil, electrical, painting or carpentry is taking place with the use of these floor guards by one of the best floor guard suppliers.

  • Among its many benefits are its resistance to water and UV radiation, reusability, low weight and compatibility with the environment.
  • It protects floor tiles against foreign particles and impacts from the outside world.
  • Because of the numerous layers, it has a significantly longer lifespan. Due to its high-density polymer sack material covering, it is resistant to wear-tear, UV rays, breakage, water, attrition, notch impact, turpentine, thinner, etc. and does not suffer abrasions.
  • It's simple to lay down and install, taking just a few steps to accomplish. Because of this, the cost of installation is rather reasonable.
  • Lightweight, non-skid and reusable, it's manufactured from environmentally safe materials.

Nilkamal Bubble Guard Sheet is the need of the hour. Connect with Bothra Sales Corporation to get the best floor guards at minimal prices.

Floor Guards
PVC Floor Guard

Best Nilkamal Bubble Guards in Visakhapatnam

Your lovely flooring has to survive a lot before you name it your own! When building your ideal house, the flooring is done first, followed by plastering and painting walls, false ceilings, light fixtures and even bathroom fittings. Traditionally, a layer of pop with water is spread on top of the floor to prevent damage like scratches. In other words, pop isn't a certain treatment. Nilkamal's floor protection sheet is what your floor needs.

A tile protection sheet called Floor Guard has a special circular honeycomb structure placed between two flat polypropylene layers, creating strong, lightweight panels that may completely shield your floors from impact and liquid damage. It's time to put down the dread of paint spots and damaged floorboards. A bubble guard sheet from Bothra Sales Corporation is the best solution which preserves your costly flooring with simplicity since this board can be re-used several times and needs no extra work.

Why Choose Bothra Sales Corporation for Nilkamal Bubble Guards?

Bothra Sales Corporation has been a reliable Nilkamal bubble guard distributor for years. We provide Nilkamal Floor Guard that is quick & simple to install and remove. It keeps your site clean, minimises water wasting and does not leave any debris. Therefore, it won't take long for your site to be ready. Not just this, A breakthrough line of distinctive honeycomb-structured boards called Bubble Guard has come to transform printing, packaging and protection. To assure protection, the airlock technology produces a cushioning effect. These panels are strong and durable but lightweight because of the innovative structure's excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Get in touch with Bothra Sales Corporation today!

Floor Protection Sheet
Nilkamal Bubble Guards

Nilkamal Bubble Guards for Commercial Spaces

During this time, cutting-edge technology is urgently needed to make the transportation and distribution chain more efficient. As companies begin to recover from COVID, we, as a Nilkamal Bubble Guard Distributor, expect a significant rise in domestic and overseas commerce, which necessitates better, speedier and more environmentally friendly packaging while also being simple to clean and sanitise. The revolutionary Bubble Guard Technology Developed by Nilkamal has come to revolutionise the way industrial packaging is constructed.

But people want it more and more because it can be used again, recycled and is cheap. Since the bubble guard is made of polypropylene sheets, it can be used in a wide range of packaging solutions, depending on the industry's needs. So, it looks like it will be how packaging is done in the future.

Get the Latest Technology

The floor protection sheet is built of Bubble Guard, a scientifically developed board with patented European technology. Nilkamal Bubble Guard is a polypropylene board with a honeycomb core. The unique structure's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for contemporary packaging. Bubble Guard can support more weight and stack safer than cardboard.

Why Choose Us?

Bothra Sales Corporation is among the prime floor guard suppliers. We can help you save a lot of time, money and headaches at Bothra Sales Corporation by giving you the best prices on Nilkamal Bubble Guard products to protect your floors and other surfaces.

If you want to purchase Nilkamal Bubble Guard, Bubble Guard Sheets, Floor Guards or any other kind of Floor Protection, please visit or contact Bothra Sales Corporation now.

Nilkamal Bubble Guard
Floor Protection Sheet

Key Benefits of Floor Guard

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Quick and easy to use

Reusable multiple times Reusable multiple times

Reusable multiple times

Easy to apply Easy to apply

Easy to apply

High impact resistance High impact resistance

High impact resistance

Clean Clean

Keeps clean and tidy

Water Proofing Products Waterproof


Time and cost saving Cost Saving

Time and cost saving

Easy to cut to size Easy to Resize

Easy to cut to size

Quick and easy to use in just 5 steps

1. Lay Nilkamal Floor Guard on the floor

2. Measure and cut to the size required

3. Apply tape to seal joints and the site is ready to use

4. Once done remove tape and stack for future use

5. The floor remains clean and tidy without any damage

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