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Paras offers an extensive range of PVC Garden house pipes that are specially developed using top-grade base materials. These pipes are heavily used for supplying water in gardens and lawns at homes, malls, hotels and more.

It offers a wide range of flexible graded hose pipes, PVC Garden pipes, and braided pipes. Have a look at the below garden pipes models.

Zebra Garden pipes

Flexible Graded hose Green Pipes

Braided pipes

PVC Garden Pipes

Garden pipes

Braided pipe

Best Garden Hose Pipe Supplier for your Yard in Visakhapatnam

When it comes to watering the garden, the best quality hose pipes are a necessity. Many individuals do not have the time or preference to water their gardens and lawns by hand, making garden and lawn irrigation systems a very practical option. Using garden hose pipes to transmit water from a source to a sprinkler system is the greatest usage. A garden hose pipe is also a more affordable alternative to PVC and other types of pipes. The sprinkler won't operate properly if you use a low-quality garden hose. So, get in touch with Bothra Sales Corporation for the best garden hose pipes.

Garden Hose Pipe
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Why Choose Bothra Sales Corporation for your Garden Hose Pipe?

If you go to the Indian market today, you'll discover more than a hundred different kinds of garden water hoses, each with different quality and different pricing. Nonetheless, garden water hose pipes by the best garden hose pipe supplier, Bothra Sales Corporation, are among the most popular garden water hose pipes on the market.

This product's ozone-resistant cover and high-quality UV and harsh weather protection are two of its most prominent features, which help to keep it free of cracks. Because it's flexible and won't bend or fray, this garden hose delivers water to your plants in the most efficient manner possible. In order to guarantee the best quality, we work with brands like PARAS, Onida Ibibo, Nilkamal Floor Guard and Plumtek.

In today's market, clients have numerous alternatives to pick from, but we've found that our 24-hour delivery turnaround time in our areas keeps them coming back.

5 Things to know Before Buying a Garden Hose Pipe

If you're looking for a garden hose, then you must know few different things to consider before making a purchase. Here are five things to consider before buying PVC flexible garden hose pipes.

Quality of the Pipe

When choosing a garden hose pipe, it's important to check for any kind of leakage. If there is any sign of leakage, change the connection type or purchase a new pipe immediately. Also, make sure to check and clean your garden hose pipe often to keep it in good shape and working well. We should never compromise in selecting quality products.

Required Size

When choosing the right size, consider the length of the hosepipe, water flow rate requirements, space available, layout of your piping system, nozzle size and adjustability for water coverage, as well as cost.


Consider how long you plan on using your garden hose each year. Some parts may begin to wear down sooner than others due to regular use. And as always, don't forget about weather conditions and terrain when purchasing from the best garden hose pipes supplier in Visakhapatnam.

Garden Hose Pipes
Pvc Flexible Garden Hose Pipes

Material of the Pipe

Garden hose pipes are typically made with flexible materials like vinyl or rubber. Vinyl is a synthetic material that offers durability and flexibility, while rubber is an ideal material for its strength and elasticity. Some garden hoses are made with a combination of materials, such as a flexible vinyl outer layer surrounded by an inner fabric layer made of rubber.


The price of a garden hose pipe in India usually depends on the length, diameter and quality of the hose pipe. For example, a garden hose pipe of length 20m, diameter 12mm and good quality may cost around Rs.200 to Rs.300, whereas a more durable and high-quality hose pipe may cost around Rs.500 to Rs.800.


When buying a garden hose, there are many important factors to consider. However, considering all factors, we believe that PVC-flexible garden hose pipes are your best bet. Thus, if you are thinking of getting hose pipes as soon as possible, contact Bothra Sales Corporation today!

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