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Prince Water Tanks

Pipes brings its mastery of PVC to a new segment: Prince Storefit Water Tanks as part of the company’s introductory range of overhead water storage solutions. The products are manufactured using the roto moulding process and finds extensive use for installation at home, offices, factories, commercial places and hospitals that need large volumes of hygienic water storages. Designed with 3-layer insulation-Outer white layer for UV resistance, Insulated black middle layer: maintains water temperature lower than ambient temperature, Inner food grade polymer layer: prevents water contamination. Storefit - Paani Ka Bank comes with a 10-year warranty.

Tanks: 500 to 10,000 Litres

Prince Water Tank
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Uv Stabilization

Food Grade

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Air Ventilator

UV Protection Cover


10% Extra Storage Capacity


Outdoor installations of cold water Storage

Residential complexes, commercial buildings

Industrial Buildings


(Capacity in Litres)
500 35 40 18
750 40 44 18
1000 42 52 18
1500 49 58 18
2000 54 62 18
3000 63 69 18
5000 75 81 18
10000 86 122 18

• Tanks manufactured at Dadra are up to 10,000 litres.

• ISI approved tanks are available with two layers in black colour only.

• Colour of 2-layer ISI tanks: Outer layer - Black & Inner layer - White.

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Prince Water Tank Distributor in Visakhapatnam

As part of the company's inaugural range of overhead water storage solutions, Prince offers its mastery of PVC to a new segment: Prince Water Tanks. The tanks are made using a roto moulding process and are widely used in homes, workplaces, factories, commercial establishments and hospitals that require huge amounts of hygienic water storage—designed with three layers of insulation: an outer white layer for UV protection, an inner white layer for warmth and an inner black layer for warmth. Moreover, the inner food-grade polymer layer helps avoid water contamination, and the insulated black middle layer helps keep water temperature lower than ambient.

Water tank dealers in Visakhapatnam A 10-year guarantee is included with this water tank by Prince. So, if you are searching for the best Prince water tank dealer in Visakhapatnam who can deliver it to you at your desired place and price, connect with Bothra Sales Corporation.

Features of Prince Water Tank

Being a trusted water tank distributor in Visakhapatnam, you can avail of the following features in the water tank by Prince:

• Stabilisation Using UV Light

• Suitable for Consumption

• Simple Installation

• Lid with Threads

• Ventilator for Air

• Covered with UV Protection

• Antimicrobial

• 10% Increased Storage Capacity

Water tank dealers in Visakhapatnam Prince water tank distributor Prince water tank distributor

At Bothra Sales Corporation, one of the best water tank dealers in Visakhapatnam, Prince water tanks are available in a variety of sizes to meet your unique demands, as defined by IS 12701:1996. Dadra produces tanks with capacities of up to 10,000 litres. ISI-approved tanks are only available in black with two layers. Last but not least, the outer layer of 2-layer ISI tanks is black, and the inner layer is white.

 Triple Layered Water Tanks

Triple-Layered Water Tanks in Visakhapatnam

Bothra Sales Corporation is a well-known Prince water tank distributor in Visakhapatnam. Our plastic water tanks come in two designs: double-layered and triple-layered. They are made in Germany using the latest technology and 100% FDA-approved polymer. Using biaxial technology that a PLC controls helps ensure that the best products are made every time. Our testing department checks many things about the product to ensure it is of the highest quality. Many different acids, chemicals and corrosive solutions of different concentrations and temperatures are stored in these tanks. The Triple-Layer White Tank is made of three polymer layers designed to save energy, keep things clean and stand up to the weather. The outside layer of the overhead tanks is a UV light protector, the black layer is a sunlight protector, and the inside layer is a dirt protector. This keeps the water from getting too hot and uses less energy to cool it.

 Top Water Tank Dealer

Why Choose Bothra Sales Corporation for Triple-Layered Water Tanks?

Bothra Sales Corporation, one of the top water tank dealers in Visakhapatnam, offers Prince water tanks in varied sizes to suit your specific needs as per IS 12701:1996. Dadra makes tanks up to 10,000 litres in capacity. ISI-approved tanks are only offered in two-layer, black designs. Last but not least, the two-layer ISI tanks have a black outer layer and a white interior layer.

The Prince water tank comes with a 10-year guarantee. Therefore, get in touch with Bothra Sales Corporation if you're looking for the best water tank supplier who can supply it to you at the location and price that suit you.

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