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FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System

Invented in 1959, used all over the world, established as a trusted product and now brought to you by Prince Pipes, FlowGuard Plus CPVC plumbing systems are built to last for generations. Designed for a service life of 50 years, these CPVC pipes and fittings can withstand temperatures up to 93ºC and are ideal for hot and cold water applications. FlowGuard Plus advantage means low bacterial growth and therefore, safe and hygienic water. It is fire retardant and does not support combustion. Moreover, it has high tensile strength, 25% better pressure bearing capacity and unparalleled UV resistance.

FlowGuard Plus

  • Lubrizol’s NSF/ANSI 14 certified TEMPRITE® 88619 TAN 311 & TEMPRITE® 88096 TAN 311 CPVC compounds respectively
  • Suitable for use up to 93°C
  • High tensile and impact strength
  • Freedom from toxicity & odours
  • Low thermal expansion
  • UV resistant
  • 25% Higher pressure bearing capacity at higher temperatures
  • Consistent product quality
  • Peace of mind assured
  • Fire retardant
  • No corrosion, leakage, scaling and pitting
  • Lowest bacterial growth


IS 15778 & ASTM F 441 - Specification of CPVC Solvent Cement Joint.


ASTM D 2846 - Specification of CPVC Solvent Cement Sockets Joint.

ASTM F 439 & ASTM F 438 Specificatio For transition joints, fittings with plastic threads & metal threaded inserts.

Pipes: 15 to 250mm (1/2 to 10 inch)

Solvent Cement: Tin: 59 to 946ml | Tube: 29.5 & 59ml

Fittings: 15 to 150mm (1/2 to 6 inch)


15mm to 50mm- SDR 11 & SDR 13.5.

65mm to 250mm - SCH - 40 & SCH - 80.


15mm to 50mm - SDR 11.

65mm to 100mm - SCH - 80.

150mm - SCH - 40.

Indoor and outdoor Installations of hot & cold water plumbing lines.

For concealed, downtake & terrace looping in residential & commercial buildings.

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Easyfit upvc plumbing system

Pipes: 15 to 250mm (1/2 to 10 inch)

Solvent Cement: Tin: 50ml to 1liter | Tube: 25 & 50ml

Fittings: 15 to 150mm (1/2 to 6 inch)


ASTM D - 1785 - Specification of Solvent Cement UPVC Joint and Threaded Joint


ASTM D 2466 - Specification of Solvent Cement UPVC Socket Joint.

ASTM D 2467 - Specification For transition joints, fittings with plastic threads & metal threaded inserts are available

  • Proven performance for water temperature from 5°C to 60°C
  • Lead-free material ensures safe drinking water
  • Self-extinguishing. Does not support combustion
  • Fast and easy installation. Saves labour


15mm to 250mm - SCH - 40 & SCH - 80


15mm to 150mm - SCH - 40

15mm to 10mm - SCH - 80

Indoor and outdoor installations of cold water plumbing lines, RO and DM water plants Residential, Complexes, Commercial Complexes, Swimming Pool, For concealed, down take & terrace looping, Public utilities, swimming pools & industrial pplications, Residential complexes, commercial buildings.

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Greenfit pp-r plumbing system

Pipes: 20 to 315mm Mono layer & Triple layer

Fittings: 20 to 160 mm

Coil Pipe: 20, 25, 32 mm

Submersible Delivery Pipe: 75, 90 & 110 mm


IS: 15801 & DIN: 8077/8078 - Specification of Poly-fusion welding joint


DIN:16962 - Specification of Socket ends suitable for fusion welding & for transition joints, fittings with threaded metal inserts


Single layer pipes - Green

Triple layer pipe - Outer layer in Green

Inner layer in white Thermex - Black

Fittings: Green

  • Proven hot & cold water performance from -20°* C to 95° C
  • No scaling. Can withstand higher ‘pH’ values
  • UV resistant triple layered pipes are suitable for outdoor installations that are exposed to direct sunlight
  • Good chemical resistance - suitable for most industrial liquids
  • Heat-fusion jointing results in homogenous plastic system ensuring leak-proof joints
  • Very less coefficient of friction, ensures high flow properties, reduce pumping cost
  • Antimicrobial inside layer of 3 layered pipe adds to safety against bacterial growth ensuring safe drinking water
  • Specially formulated thermex pipes reduce linear expansion / contraction of pipes due to temperature variance, ensuring suitability for outdoor application

Pipes: 20mm to 160mm & 180mm to 315mm

Fittings: 20mm to 160mm

Indoor & outdoor installations of hot & cold water piping systems in residential, commercial & buildings, Heating system inside buildings including floor, wall & radiator heating, Drinking water & liquid food transportation, Solar water heating systems. Aggressive Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Piping systems for conveyance of aggressive fluids in Industries.

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Ultrafit swr piping system


IS 13592 - Specification of Rubber Ring & Solvent Joint


IS 14735 - Specification of Rubber Ring Joint & Solvent Joint


    Rubber Ring Joint: 75 to 160 mm

    Solvent Joint: 40 to 200 mm


    Rubber Ring Joint: 75, 90, 110 & 160 mm

    Solvent Joint: 40 to 160 mm

  • Lighter but strong
  • Compatible with other drainage products
  • Easy to install with low assembly force
  • Smooth bore
  • Cost-efficient
  • Rubber ring seals ensure long term sealing performance against leakage.

Pipes:40mm to 200mm

Fittings: 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm & 40mm to 160mm

Inside & outside building drainage systems including ventilation, Industrial Buildings, Public utilities

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Paras plumber systerm

Drainfit Pipes are noticeably lighter and less expensive than existing PVC pipes/ concrete pipes. These pipes are interchangeable with solid wall pipes and are compatible with regular PVC fittings. We have introduced rubber and solvent fittings to offer a complete range of drainage piping systems.

Pipes: 63 to 400 mm

Fittings: 110 & 160 mm

  • Leak proof
  • Long life
  • Anti-rodent
  • Easy transportation, light in weight and easy in wet condition
  • Fast and easy installation, even in wet conditions
  • Resistance to abrasion, smooth bore pipes reduces the risk of blockage
  • Good Impact resistance

Pipes: IS 14182 - Elastomeric Sealing Ring & Solvent Joint.

Fittings: EN-1401-1 - Standards Specification of Elastomeric Sealing Ring & Solvent Joint.


160mm to 400mm - SN 2

125mm to 400mm - SN 4

63mm to 400mm - SN 8

Fittings: 110mm & 160mm

Types of Variants:

size: 350 X 110mm

Straight Through
Left Hand 90° Junction
Right Hand 90° Junction
Right Hand 90° Junction
Left Hand 45° & 90° Junction
Right Hand 45° & 90° Junction
5 Way Junction

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Corfit DWC* Pipes and fittings are manufactured using HDPE polymer. These pipes are resistant to various types of gases & chemicals which are generated due to putrefaction of various ingredients flowing in the system.

Corfit DWC* Pipes are manufactured as per IS 16098 (Part-2), have a smooth internal surface and corrugated external surface. The corrugated external surface provides greater stiffness, withstands soil movements & takes higher loads (static & dynamic), whereas the internal surface helps in smooth flow of sewerage.

  • Pipes: 100 to 1000 mm nominal diameter
  • Fittings: 100 to 500 mm
  • Inspection Chamber(uPVC & DWC End Connection):
    uPVC: 600 X 500, 600 X 600, 600 X 750, 600 X 850, 600 X 1000, 600 X 1250 & 600 X 1350 mm
    DWC: 315 X 200, 315 X 350, 315 X 600, 315 X 750, 600 X 600, 600 X 750, 600 X 850, 600 X 1000, 600 X 1250 & 600 X 1350 mm

  • Easy to handle, transport and store
  • Easy to install
  • Superior performance than RCC Pipes
  • Long life
  • Available in long length of 6 meter so minimum joints ensuring less chances of leakage
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant
  • Anti-rodent material

  • 315mm Inspection Chamber
  • 600mm Inspection Chamber with all 3 inlet closed & spigot type multi outlet
  • 600mm Inspection Chamber with open side inlets
  • Open & closed side inlet is available in 600mm. As per site requirement, the required size and side to be cut before installation.

Pipes: IS 16098 - Part 2 - Specification of Rubber Ring Joint

Pipes: 100mm to 1000mm - SN4 & SN8

Fittings: 100mm to 500mm

Underground drainage, Sewerage, Storm water & surface water drainage, Industrial liquid waste, Highway & road drainage

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Aquafit agriculture piping systerm

Pressure & Non-Pressure Pipes are manufactured in accordance with IS:4985 covering a complete range from 20 mm to 400 mm. They are available in pressure rating 2.5 Kg/cm², 4 Kg/cm², 6 Kg/cm², 8 Kg/cm², 10 Kg/cm², 12.5 Kg/cm² & 16 Kg/cm² as defined in IS:4985. The pipes are provided with plain socket and suitable for solvent cement jointing.

Their main application is in agriculture for water supply, drip irrigation & sprinkler lines etc. as well as for drinking water distribution. However, these can also be used in cable ducting, ventilation pipe lines & slurry lines etc.

They are available in light grey colour and nominal length of 6 mtrs.

Pipes: 20 to 400 mm

Fittings: 20 to 250 mm

  • Light weight, easy to transport, store, handle and install. Saves labour
  • Smooth bore ensures higher flow compared to G.I pipes and fittings of the same size. No clogging. Saves operational cost
  • Solvent cement joint therefore quick installation
  • Corrosion resistance, UPVC is rustproof material therefore bore diameter remains constant, ensuring constant flow over a lifetime
  • Long working life (if operated under normal/ recommended working conditions)
  • Cost effective. Added value for your money

Pipes: IS 4985 - Standards Specification of Solvent Joint.

Fittings: IS 7834 - Standards Specification of Solvent Joint, Threads (For transition fittings).


Tensile Strength : 415 - 525 Kg/cm2

Compression Strength : 550 - 910 Kg/cm2

Flexural Strength : 680 - 1100 Kg/cm2

Izod Impact Strength : 4 - 5 Kg/cm2

Shore Hardness : D 65 - 85


Co-efficient of Linear Expansion : 0.08 mm/M°C

Vicat Softening Temperature : >78°C

Max. Operating Temperature : 60°C

Types of Variants:

size: 350 X 110mm

Straight Through, Left Hand 90° Junction, Right Hand 90° Junction, Right Hand 90° Junction, Left Hand 45° & 90° Junction, Right Hand 45° & 90° Junction, 5 Way Junction

Pipes: 20mm to 400mm

Fittings: 20mm to 250mm

Water supply and distribution schemes In agriculture, Drinking water supply and distribution, Cable ducting, Cable ducting, Cable ducting, Irrigation

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Prince Piping System



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