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Bothra Sales Corporation was founded in 2014, and have grown to become one of the largest distributors of multiple products like Nilkamal Floor Guard, Paras CPVC/UPVC, Onida Bath Fittings, etc in Vishakapatnam. At Bothra Sales Corporation we have 3 pillars of doing business: delivering the highest quality, delivering the products on time, and delivering the products at the best possible wholesale price. Having a strong network of dealers spread across Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states helps us do that very efficiently.

We are distributors for brands like PARAS, Nilkamal floor guard, Onida Ibibo, Plumtek ensuring that quality is always the topmost priority. Our catalog holds the following products bathroom fittings, bathroom essentials, faucets, ABS taps, Agricultural pipes, garden pipes, Flexible garden hose pipes, PVC Garden Pipes, Braided pipes, and multiple other options.

There are many options to choose from today, but we find that our customers are loyal to us because our turn around time for delivery is 24 hours in our regions. And what you see is what you get, which in our line of work is highly reassuring to our clients.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that you might want to know before making your purchase:

A polypropylene board with a honeycomb structure at its core. Nilkamal Bubble Guard is a patented technology.

Bubble Guard has multiple usages in printing, protection, and industrial packaging. This lightweight, waterproof sheet can be used right from protecting floors to construction. We have an array of boards to choose from which can be used in decor, packing pallets safely, as a layer of protection on wood and the options are endless. The versatility of these wonderful boards leaves the choice of how to use them on us.

Given that these boards are designed to be used in construction and industrial packaging the technology has been made such that its durability is never compromised. The patented product derives its strength from its honeycomb core and has the uniqueness of being lightweight, providing protection, and being highly durable.

Nilkamal Bubble Guard is available in variants ranging from 250 GSM up to 3500 GSM (GSM = Grams per Square Meter), extending from thin and flexible to strong and rigid.

Yes. Nilkamal Bubble Guard can be laminated in-line with a vast range of compatible materials that include foam, textiles, and printed film.

We pride ourselves on the multiples ways Bubble Guard can be used. Each industry that the product caters to it fills a different gap. For example, with industrial packing, the airlock technology provides high impact resistance ensuring the cargo is never damaged due to impact. With printing, the completely flat surface provides a clean print. When used as a floor guard, it can be reused multiple times and does not require specialized labor.

During construction/renovation you may want to move heavy items across your floor. Doing that without damaging your expensive marble or wooden flooring is near impossible. Until Nilkamal Bubble Guard that is. This lightweight board with its airlock technology once spread across your floor lets you do this without any fear of damage. It is reusable and waterproof making your life even easier.

Yes, not only does it work but can be reused meaning the value for your money can be extracted. Its waterproof meaning storage should not be a problem either.

No, Nilkmal sheets are priced very economically when compared to the competitors, and as you can see given the durability and quality of the product, they are completely worth the price. Also if the floors are damaged, the cost of repair for that is most certainly more than that of the sheets. Better safe than sorry.

There are multiple distributors of Nilkamal Bubble Guard, contact us below for the best pricing and quick delivery. We at Bothra Sales Corporation would be thrilled to help you.

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