Paras pipes & fittings are the best solutions for the Hot & Cold water Plumbing system

Paras Plumbing system is specially designed for Hot & Coldwater. These pipes are suitable for all plumbing and potable water applications. Paras pipes are proven to be the best in hot & Cold water conditions. All the paras pipes have been tested at 0° C to 93°C. These pipes’ resistance power is suitable for all […]

Nilkamal Bubble Guard is a quick and economical floor protection solution to safeguard your expensive floors

Nilkamal Floor Guard brings to you a series of floor protection boards that safeguard your expensive floorings like Italian marble, marbonite, tiles, and granites from scratches, spillage, and falling materials during construction and renovation. It is scientifically engineered honeycomb structure creates a soft air cushioning that ensures your floor is protected from falling debris or […]

Nilkamal Floor Guard – Ultimate floor surface protection

Nilkamal floor guard is a unique floor protection product, which promises endless choices for building and construction, all it needs is smart thinking. Its revolutionary range of unique honeycomb structured boards changed the way floor protection is offered. You can buy the world-class product at Bothra Sales Corporation sole distributor for Coastal Andhra. Nilkamal floor […]

Why Bothra Sales Corporation is the most trusted name offering world-class brand products?

Bothra Sales Corporation is the top player in the distribution of CP Fittings and Bathroom accessories were established in the year 2014 in the smart city of Visakhapatnam. It is a one-stop destination for local customers and from other parts within a wide radius of 200 km. Over the course of its journey, this business […]

Types of PVC Pipes and Their Benefits

The PVC pipes are used in various piping applications, from drinking water to high-level fire sprinkler systems. PVC pipes have brand popularity, which owes different combinations of durability, safety, environmental performance, and recyclability.  PVC Pipes PVC pipes are the safest option for the transportation of drinking water over drainage solutions. It is because of the potency and […]

How to Choose the Right Plumbing Pipe for Your Home (Guide)?

There are several kinds of plumbing pipes available for residential or industrial buildings. Plumbing pipes, including PEX, Copper, and PVC, based on their use and the location, are very popular. There are also several other types of plumbing pipes, such as black, galvanized, and brass.  Which Pipe is Best for House Plumbing? Below is the […]

What is Bubble Guard and How is it Beneficial?

From luxurious Italian marble, carbonite to delicate tiles and granites, there is a variety of bubble guards available that can shield your costly flooring. A floor guard is a cost-effective and simple floor security solution. The scientifically designed honeycomb system provides a comfortable air cushioning that guarantees that your floor gets covered from falling debris or scratching […]

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